Soccer Season

My daughter started soccer this year, which has turned out to be an adorable experience. It is so precious to watch a bunch of four year olds kick the ball around. M has been thrilled to start, and talks about soccer constantly.


She had one practice before the “big game”, and she was very excited to meet the other little girls on team Rapid Squirrels. I thought that name was too precious until I discovered her team name is actually the Rabid Squirrels. Yes, you read that right. Interesting.

Saturday was the big day, and excitement was in the  air.


Taking this picture was a very unpleasant experience for all involved.

We arrived and the girls warmed up. The referee checked for shin guards and made all the little girls remove their earrings. Soccer is about to get serious, folks. A mom on the team made all of them matching bows which a) saved me a trip to Hobby Lobby and b) instantly made the Rabid Squirrels the most stylish mouth-foaming-rodent team on the field. They all looked so sweet, I think soccer bows should be a mandatory requirement for all soccer uniforms. Image

Unfortunately, the Rabid Squirrels lost their first game to the Butterflies. M may or may not have scored a goal for the other team, and our dreams of having a soccer star/child prodigy flew out the window.  Overall, it was a very fun morning! Hopefully our soccer enthusiasm will continue all the way through week 8.


Take note of the cow pie in the center of the field. Luckily, there were no cow pie casualties during the game.

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