Three’s Company

We get asked a lot of questions now that we have three children. Was he planned?  Are you old enough to have three children? Are they all yours? The answer is yes to all three questions in case inquiring minds want to know. However, the most frequent question that we get asked is how are we adjusting to the new baby. My answer is, we are surviving. We are surviving on unnatural amounts of caffeine and an obscene amount of a certain sponge who lives under the sea.

The biggest adjustment so far has been waking up at night with a baby again.  The older two children (I use the term “older” very loosely here) have been sleeping through the night for a good while now.  I have been very grateful for this because I need my sleep in order to function like a normal human the next day.

I would go to bed so early in college that, at one point, my roommate informed me that infants were still awake at that hour. Was she trying to prepare me for this exact moment in my life? We will never know. I never was involved in many college activities. Why you ask? They all seemed to start at ten pm. At ten pm I had already been asleep for two hours.

Everyone who has ever had a child under the age of one knows that sleep is far more precious than gold. Most mornings I wake up looking like this:


An unexpected challenge of having another newborn has been finding a good nursing bra. Maybe if I didn’t limit myself to the ten dollar rack at Wal-mart, I would have better luck. Most of the nursing bras I have found offer little to no support in the “over the shoulder bolder holder” department. Yesterday, I finally found one with under-wire, and the results have been life changing. My husband said,”That one looks good. They don’t look so saggy and drooping down.” Please whisper more sweet nothings into my ear.

All joking aside, we are SO in love with our little guy. He makes up for the missing sleep with his smiles and coos. We thank God for him everyday, and I wouldn’t trade a full nights rest for these memories. Image



One thought on “Three’s Company

  1. Amen! You are so blessed to have 3 healthy, happy children. I know the first year is soooo hard but the rewards are soooo big! Love your blog. I didn’t know you liked to write.


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