Soccer Take Two

Welp. They made road kill out of the Rabid Squirrels this week. (If you are confused about the name, click here) Team Ladybug was FIERCE. Look at them in their professional looking uniforms, complete with matching shin guards. These girls were a head taller and looked five years older, making the Rabid Squirrels look like mere babes. Our girls were huddled together probably scared out of their ever loving minds.


E found a stick, so the morning was already a success in his book.


While the Ladybugs were handing them their butts on a platter, our girls were busy sitting on the sidelines, picking grass, and putting it on their pants.


When the game was over, a bunch of the kids ran up a hill behind the field to pet someone’s dog and to look at a random goat. My kids ran up there as well, however they were interested in more important things. Gathering sticks.


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