Time For Some Spring Cleaning

Let me start of this post by saying that we like to keep our house relatively clean and orderly. In fact, I spend a large portion of my day cleaning and tidying up. If our house is not constantly being cleaned it can quickly look like a group of squatters, who have an obsession with Lalaloopsy and Thomas the Train, have occupied the residence.

That being said, there are areas that I am ashamed to admit, that no matter how frequently I clean our house, end up being a disaster. (Clearly not too ashamed, as I am posting pictures of this on the World Wide Web.)

The first area of my house that needs work, and it leaves a lot to be desired, is our extra bedroom. This room has almost no furniture in it only a treadmill, a dog kennel, and an enormous amount of diapers.

When you have two kids in diapers, it’s nice to stock pile them like you are preparing for Armageddon.


Another housecleaning fail is our kitchen ceiling. When we moved into this house I unpacked our blender, but the lid was nowhere to be found. I had a moment of pure insanity and decided that lids are overrated. I’m here to tell you, they most certainly are not. Consider this a public service announcement.


Speaking of ceilings, I went into the kids bathroom and found this gem. A wet, wadded up paper towel, thrown onto the ceiling.

No folks, this picture was not taken at the local junior high.

Lastly, the worst and most frustrating housecleaning fail is our walls which are currently painted with a matte paint. When we sold our last house, our realtor gave us the friendly suggestion of repainting our house from the waist down. Little did he know that we had repainted this exact area approximately 750 times. We told ourselves that we would never buy a house with matte paint again.  Never say never, right? Fast forward 2 months to our meeting with our contractor. I begged and pleaded for semi-gloss. We were given a long spiel about color matching and paint applications. Don’t try to fool me with your fancy talk, I know matte paint is cheaper. So here we are in the some boat with hand prints down the hallway and water splatters in the dining room.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. DSC_3570

2 thoughts on “Time For Some Spring Cleaning

  1. It appears your kids have learned a lesson or two from your brothers; wet paper towels on the ceiling and greasy handprints on the walls. The only thing you appear to be lacking are a bunch of holes in the walls from kids wrestling around! 🙂


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