Brotherly Love

My sweet baby boy is three months old today. He is the happiest little baby, and he is completely adored by everyone in the family.

brotherlylove3His big brother is entirely enamored with him, and this has come as quite the surprise.

If you had ever met my son E, prior to Baby EJ’s arrival, you most likely would have been greeted with a glare and a scream of disapproval. E has been going through the terrible twos for approximately the last two and a half years of his life.

When Baby EJ was born E wasn’t sure how to react. He responded by doing the only thing he knew to do in an unfamiliar situation.

brotherly love5

However, once Baby EJ came home E became a happy, helpful, and loving big brother.

E takes his role as big brother very seriously and likes to help me out by giving Baby EJ a binky while he nurses.

He loves to smother the baby with kisses, and he loves to talk and play with him. However, this usually ends with a screaming baby because E has one volume. LOUD.


The majority of the pictures I have of the baby look like this:


E has become the sweetest big brother, and I look forward to watching their relationship develop as they get older!


My friend told me the other day that E seems so much happier now. Amen to that sister.

E will now say hi and smile at old ladies at Wal-Mart, and now we only get good reports from Bible class. Is the sudden change from becoming a big brother or from growing up? Maybe a sweet mixture of both.

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