This year the kids made out in the Easter egg hunt department. We somehow managed to avoid spending a small fortune on Easter memorabilia, and yet I think this year was the best Easter the kids have had (if you define best as acquiring as much Easter junk as possible).

After M’s soccer game on Saturday I drug the entire family, including my mother-in-law, over to the park for the city’s Easter Egg hunt. The Easter Bunny was escorted into the park by a police car, and was immediately swarmed by a massive amount of children.

easter5My kids walked away with a ton eggs and had fun at the petting zoo.





There was a massive turnout. I kid you not, I think half the town was there. Seeing as both my husband and I are introverts, we both wanted to get the heck out of dodge as soon as we possibly could.

The next morning, we went to Bible class, worship, and our church’s Easter egg hunt.

We do not celebrate the Easter Bunny, Santa, the Tooth Fairy, etc, so I spent most of the morning explaining to my four-year old the importance of not sharing the whole “the Easter Bunny’s fake” idea to all of her friends in Bible Class. You’re welcome.

Naturally, Spiderman joined us Sunday morning.

M was thrilled that I was taking more pictures.

After church, we went and had lunch and another Easter egg hunt with family. There were a ton of eggs, and the kids had a blast. The kids were beyond exhausted and were about to go into a sugar coma, so we ducked out early before disaster ensued.

Easter 2Monday morning, E woke up not feeling very well. I asked him what he ate the day before. His response was, “Lot’s of candy”. What could be better to an almost three-year old?

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