Mother Daughter Date

Today my daughter and I had an M&M, gummy bear, and popcorn buffet at the movie theater.

We left the boys at home. Right before we left, both M and E were bawling. E was crying because he had to stay home, and M was crying because she felt so bad for E.

I asked M if she thought we just let E tag along, and she decided that we should go alone but that we should bring him some candy.So that’s what we did. That boy loves him some candy, and that idea dried his tears right up.

It was so special to get to spend one-on-one time with her!


We went to see Rio 2, which was the only children’s movie at the theater. My daughter and I have a VERY small attention span when it comes to movies. I almost fell asleep, and at one point M got off her seat and was sitting on the floor of the theater. This was extremely disturbing because I once worked at a movie theater and I know how often those floors get a good scrub down. They don’t.

We had a blast spending the morning together, and I see many outings together in the future!


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