Spiderman Party

We had E’s Spiderman birthday party last weekend. His actual birthday is on June 7th, but we decided to have it a couple of weeks early.

My parents sent him this adorable Spiderman costume, and he wore it the entire party.

spidermna3Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the party decorations before, so I will share with you a picture of the half-eaten cupcakes and the food half gone. I’m sure you get the idea.


E is extremely bashful and didn’t know how to react when everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him. Halfway through the song, he decided to hide behind me and I could tell that really just wanted to fade into the background.

Next, we opened presents. E was so excited while he was opening presents because almost everything he opened was either Spiderman or Ninja Turtles.

His Aunt Linda gave him a Spiderman shirt. He wore that shirt everyday for the next three days, until I peeled it off him and threw it in the washer. Then he proceeded to wear it everyday after that. Apparently a Spiderman shirt is the way into this boys heart.

Pretend to read the cards first, kids, it’s polite.

M was just as excited as E was to open all the presents because she knew that their toy collection was expanding considerably.  After the party, E gave her one of his new toys to keep for her very own. Be still my heart.

When they were done opening the presents, we all went outside and had a “spiderweb” fight.

spidermanI think the spiderweb fight was the highlight of the party for the kids… and some of the adults as well.

zzzThanks to everyone who came out and made his day a special one!



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