Living Room Transformation

My husband and I dated for about a year before we got married. I know to most people that is not very long, and I am sure my parents wondered what the rush was. We were just young and in love!


Even though we had only known each other a year, I feel like I really did know most things about him.  I knew that he was sweet, kind, and caring. I knew that, even though he was quiet, he could be down right hilarious. I knew that he came from a great family, and that he would do anything for the people that he loved.

However, there is one thing that I did not know about him prior to getting married, and it has come as quite a shock to me.

My husband is SUPER handy around the house.

That man can fix, install, or repair ANYTHING. Let me tell you, ladies, this was an awesome surprise to discover, and it has saved us a ton of money.

Lately, our carpet has been driving me crazy. We still have a lot of new construction around us, which means we have a lot of piles of dirt outside. My kids are very attracted to these kind of places, and Oklahoma red dirt was constantly being tracked in. No matter how frequently (or infrequently) I vacuumed, our carpet still felt dirty.

Well, Mother’s Day weekend came around and my amazing husband ripped out the carpet and begin installing new floors and new baseboards.

I. Was. Thrilled.

Projects always seem to take us much longer than we anticipate. We thought we would be done Sunday evening, however we were still finishing things up on Tuesday.

Luckily for us, we had a superhero to help get the job done.


I think the final results look great! Here is a before picture:

I know this is dark. I scoured through my phone for better pictures. This was all that I could find.

Here are some after pictures:

My children are in a phase where they refuse to wear clothing, so I had to draw their clothes on using Paint on my computer. I am hoping this is a phase anyway…
This was taken before we had all of our transition pieces installed.


DSC_3889(1)I am so happy with the results! It is so much faster to sweep up crumbs and messes. This was the best Mother’s Day, anniversary, and birthday present a girl could ask for!

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