It’s That Time Again

Tennis started back up again. This time, however, lessons are in the morning. We showed up in our usual fashion. LATE.

If you have ever had 3 children under the age of 5, then you know how impossible it is to get out of the door on time.

As I rushed my kids outside and told them to hurry and grab all of their belongings, I looked down and caught a glimpse of my bare feet.  I decided that I should keep it classy and grabbed my shoes.

If you think us leaving for tennis is hectic, you should witness the circus that is us leaving for church on Sunday mornings.

Anyhow, I have only one picture to document the day because E was back to his old antics this morning.


I got in the car and looked in the mirror. I looked like I had come back from a battle. Actually, it was a battle of sorts. A battle of wills with a very persistent almost three year old.  The jury is still out on who won.

After all of the havoc E wreaked, we will probably be asked not to come back.

Kidding. We will be back, shoes and all.

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