A Hairy Situation

My mother-in-law and I decided that it was time to go in and get our hair done. She normally goes to a higher-end place, and they always do a great job. I, however, always go to a pretty inexpensive place, and I have never had any problems.

I talked her into coming with me. “You’ll save money”, I said. “It will be great, they always do an awesome job” I said.

So we showed up, and identical twins greeted us and said that they would be doing our hair.  My normal hairdresser was out on vacation.  One twin took me to her booth, and the other twin took my mother-in-law to her booth.

I decided that I wanted to go a little darker so I told my twin that I wanted some lowlights. The girl asked me if I wanted them dark brown. I told her that I wanted them more of a light brown. Something very natural. She went to a back room and began mixing up her potion.

About half way through I started thinking that the foils had been on a long time. I pushed my worries away, as I am no hair dresser. She very slowly finished up the rest of my head, put me under the drier, and then washed my hair. When we went back to the chair she began blowing my hair dry, and I could tell something was not right.

I looked across the salon at my MIL who was trying to hide her panic attack. Normally she  has beautiful ash blonde hair, however her hair had been transformed into a shade typically only found on a copper penny.

Her hair was uneven and chunky. It looked like it had been cut by a hyena using a pair of rusty hedge clippers. I have pictures to prove it, however I shall not post them in order to maintain BFF status with her.

My mother-in-law and I left the salon and began walking around the store. That was when I got a better glimpse of my hair. My hair was not darker like I had said, it was WHITE blonde. I now had white streaks (think Elsa from Frozen) running through it.

Then I looked down at my shirt. It was no longer black. I looked like I was wearing a sweater that had been knitted together from the hairs of a Persian cat.  My hair was literally falling out of my head.

I freaked out. I panicked. I had a mini-stroke and then a mini heart attack. I ran back to the salon and asked the twins for some toner and conditioner.  The twins went back into the back room together and mixed up another potion and slopped it onto my head.

I am here to say that the toner did not work.

I went home in shame. My daughter said, “You look like Muzzie.” Muzzie is a family friend who is literally 100 years old. My daughter also suggested that I pray about it.

The next morning I woke up and started to head out the door to Sally’s to see if they had any concoctions that might be able to fix the blonde birds nest that was sitting on top of my head.

Before I made it out the door, I got a call from my MIL asking if I wanted an appointment at JC Penny’s to see if they could do anything. My answer was of course, “HECK YES I DO!”

Luckily for us, JC Penny’s actually had professionals who knew what they were doing, and our hair is looking better. When we first arrived, the hairdressers thought my MIL and I had done each other’s hair. We told them about the twins, and they listened and laughed with us at our crazy adventure. Then the girls took before and after photos of us, and said that we had some of the worst haircuts and colors that they had ever seen.

My hair is  now shorter than I wanted at first, and it is still a lot blonder, however I’m going to give it some time before I attempt to darken it in order to give my hair a fighting chance of staying in my head.

Here is my after photo that I took in the car. I’ll spare you the before photo.

No filter. By no filter I mean no make up and no shower.

So here are some words of wisdom. If you ever go into an inexpensive salon and see identical twin hairdressers. RUN. Run for your ever loving life.


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