On The Run

Evan turned one, and boy is he busy.

He is by far the busiest and most active child out of our bunch.  This has come as quit the surprise to us because we thought we were at maximum capacity for all busyness and activity.

phone pics 2014 1895Learning to walk has opened up a whole new world for him.  And it’s a world that he wastes no time exploring every inch of as soon as his little feet hit the ground.  Under the couch, the bathroom cabinets, and closets that are stuffed full of junk are just a couple of  his favorite places to inspect and find hidden gems.

His Bible class teachers tell me that he is going to be a gymnast because he is everywhere and onto everything.

When we are at home he likes to keep me on my toes by attempting to fearlessly scale tall objects.  He climbs on top of the couches and the beds, and as soon as he sees me turn my back he is at it again!

My living room now looks like this because I have to barricade the kid in for the sake of his own safety:

Our loveseat is now blocking the only exit in our living room. Our house is really a dream for anyone who is enthusiastic about decorating or interior design.

If he does manage to maneuver his way out of the living room, his new favorite thing to do is clamber up the dining room chairs and sit proudly on top of the kitchen table.

This new trick is equally as impressive as it is terrifying.

I am pretty confident that I am raising the next Houdini as he manages to escape from all typically safe baby items.  Walkers, high chairs, and strollers are no match for his mad escaping skills.

I discovered his little stroller escaping trick one day while we were spending the afternoon at the Science Museum.  I looked down to witness my precious baby doing, what can only be described as, half a handstand out of his umbrella stroller onto the floor.  All while I was being nominated for “Mom of the Year”, no doubt.

I have a feeling that my life is going to be filled with adventure with this busy little boy.

And by adventure I mean bumps and bruises and trips to the ER.

2 thoughts on “On The Run

  1. Hahaha! He sounds like your brothers when they were his age! One escaped from his stroller and his baby leash at Sea World and climbed into someone else’s stroller! Another of your brothers climbed up the pantry shelves to reach the cereal 8 feet off the ground! Of course there was the time one of them nearly fell into the meerkat cage at the zoo as he was climbing to get a better look( he was about three). I lost track of the countless times all of them would climb out of their cribs and highchairs or climb on top of the counters, the table, the refridgerator etc…Ya, your life is going to be exciting!


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