Lipstick Loving

We gave our master bedroom a facelift this past week.  Before, our bedroom was piled high with laundry, stacks of papers, and a never ending plethora of toys.

Well, I became tired of wading through the dump that was our bedroom, and I felt inspired to take on a new challenge.  I added a few new decorations (including a fish statue, naturally), some spiffy new shelving, and a new comforter.

Take a look at our shiny refreshed space:


Did you notice the red masterpiece next to the bed on the wall?  No?  Well let’s take a closer look.


This beauty was hidden behind a pile of junk and a treadmill.

lipstickYou see, Ethan has a fascination with all things lipstick.  After his nap a couple of months ago, he nonchalantly walked into the living room and asked if he could “wake up”.

I looked up and found him completely COVERED in lipstick and makeup.  He got extra creative and used an entire tube of lipstick to draw those impressive circles.

Despite the trouble he was in, my beauty school drop out later told me, “I love getting into your makeup, Mama!”

Lesson NOT learned.




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