Lady- My Country Poodle

lady1You may or may not know this, but we have added another member to our family.  Her name is Lady, and she is a white standard poodle (I mean, really, what other kind of dog would she be?).

We got her when she was 16 weeks old, and we have had her since September.  (That’s my lazy way of telling you her age because I am not doing the math.)

Before you start to think that we are some hoity-toity family with fancy poodles trotting about our diamond ridden house, let me explain.  My dogs are not the standard Standard Poodles.  They are COUNTRY Standard Poodles.

Here are two Standard Poodles:


Here are two country Standard Poodles:


Obviously these poodles do not have standards.

ladymissyAnyway, my country poodles, Missy and Lady, were fast friends.  They play together for hours upon hours.  I think Missy has actually come the realization that she is, in fact, a dog, and for the most part Missy is less clingy.  She no longer freaks out when I am out of her sight for more than 15 minutes.

Now, Missy is a quirky country poodle, so I am used to quirkiness. I fully expected to raise another strange dog.  However, Lady is not only quirky, this dog is full of sass and mischief.  Some days she makes me wonder.

She spends her days getting into trouble, tearing up trash, and licking our floors. Most of the time she does all of this with her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth looking like the dumb hyena from the Lion King.

The dogs love to play outside together, and when they are done playing she will stand outside my back door and bark… and bark, and bark, and bark, and bark.

When I go to let her in she REFUSES to come in the house.  I beg her. I plead with her.  I try and bargain and reason with her.  Nothing.

I walk away and pretend to do the dishes, and I pretend that her antics aren’t bothering me.

When this doesn’t work, I am finally at my wits end and yell through the back door, “FOR THE LOVE OF MY SANITY, GET IN THE EVER-LOVING HOUSE,”  and then I say a little prayer that the neighbors don’t think I’m talking to my children.

Finally, I proceed to chase her around the backyard for five minutes, before feeling defeated because she is so stinking fast.

Eventually she will come in when she is good and ready, despite the fact that she barked at the back door for so long, annoying our entire neighborhood I’m sure.

ladyNot only is Lady stubborn, she is the worst digger.  She has dug so many holes under our fence that I now have our property line rigged with toys, blocking her escape routes.

When I tell my children to go outside and pick up their toys it sounds a little something like this, “Pick up all your toys, except the bike, picnic table, toy kitchen, pink bucket, blue bucket, and trike. Don’t you dare touch those unless you want to spend the rest of the afternoon searching for a lost escape-poodle.”

She is so completely opposite of Missy, who was always timid and non-adventurous, I started to worry about her.  Finally I called my mother (aka the poodle whisperer) to see what her thoughts were on Lady’s antics.

We pretty much chalked it up to puppy behavior and lack of proper dog training on my part.  Until she grows out of it, I’m keeping my eye on this one-of-a-kind, sassy, fluff ball of a poodle.

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