The Day The Cops Came To My House

I’ve decided to put a little more effort into this blog again.  Many things have happened since the last time I posted.  We sold our house, bought another one, we’re all about one year older, etc. etc.  (I still write for Oklahoma City Moms Blog, so you can check out my articles here if you feel so inclined.)

The Day The Cops Came To My HouseAnyway, today I thought I would share a little story about the time the cops came to my house.  It started like any other day.  We ate breakfast, watched a few cartoons, and then we got ready for our daily walk.  During this time, our house had just been taken off of the market so my husband and I only had 1 key between the two of us still.  That particular day he accidently took the house key to work with him, so instead of locking the front door I simply set our security system and didn’t worry about locking the house up.

As we made our usual way around the neighborhood I started noticing an unusual amount of cop cars driving around.  I wondered what in the world was going on, but I continued about my merry way.  Along the way, we stopped and picked up my daughter’s best friend and her little brother so that they could all play in the sprinklers in our front yard when we got back to our house.

I eventually turned down my street and, much to my surprise, I saw 4 police cars parked in front of my neighbors house.  I  had a pearl grasping moment and thought to myself, “What did they DO!?”  I was horrified to be living amongst such criminals.

Then I shockingly noticed that the activity was NOT going on at my neighbors house, but it was in fact happening at MY house.  One of my particularly  bossy/nosey neighbors was standing on her lawn watching the commotion.  She approached me and judgingly said, “Hmmm.  They are not ready to talk to you about what’s going on.  Don’t go over there.”  I practically told her, “Whatever lady. Get out of my way. I’m going IN.”  And then I not so sweetly demanded that she watch all of these kids.  ( I was starting to be in panic mode.)

I walked up to my house, and that’s when I really got a good look at the craziness happening on my lawn.  Apparently my security system had gone off which had alerted our local police.  They got there very fast (we live in a small town). When the cops had entered my house they had accidently let my two standard poodles out, and my poodles,who upon noticing their new found freedom, were wreaking havoc in the neighbors yard.  One of the younger cops was unsuccessfully chasing them, while an older cop was calling for MORE back up.  I heard him saying, “They have two standard poodles, and we can’t catch the high strung one.”  AHEM officer.  My poodles are NOT high strung.

Anyhoo, I approached one of the other officers and said, “I’m the owner.  And I’m scared.” Smooooooth really smooooth. He then explained to me that my security system had gone off, and that they basically suspected a break in had happened.

Now let me just explain what my house looked like on the inside.  It wasn’t dirty at all, but it was oddly messy.  There were no dishes in the sink or toys scattered about. However, we were in the middle of a move and I had been sorting and packing up our belongings.  Also, right before we walked out my middle child had taken out an ENTIRE dresser drawer from my bedroom, and he dumped it into a pile on the floor.  It was entirely possible that it looked like a robber had been scavenging through my stuff.  Also, my dogs were chilling in our laundry room.  We rarely used their kennel, but they had a poodle oasis in the laundry room, and that is where they stayed when we were gone. (Later a cop explained to me that sometimes during break ins, that’s where thieves will stash the dogs. Who woulda thunk?!)

Anyway, the officer I was talking to told me that the front door was unlocked (by me), my dogs were locked in the laundry room (by me), a dresser drawer was dumped out (by my son), my back door was wide open which triggered the alarm (accidently by me) and he wanted me to go look around and make sure nothing was missing.

I walked in and everything was 100 percent how I had left it.  I told all of the police officers that things were fine, and that I appreciated them coming out, and that I was so so sorry for the inconvenience.  One of the officers looked at me like I was being naïve and told me to call him if I noticed anything weird.

I gathered up all of the kids and got my dogs back, and I could not believe what had just happened.

So fellow mothers, I’ll end the story with this: if you feel like your house is in constant disarray do not be disheartened.  Just remember this story and know that one time the cops came in my house, saw the dumped out clothes mixed with overall weirdness, and literally thought a break in had occurred.








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