You Lied To Me – Life With A Reader

ethanSomehow time flew by.  I blinked, and now my sweet little son is in kindergarten.  He’s enjoying school, however, the year got off to a rocky start. (To put it mildly.) 

When we walked into school on the first day, we passed the smiling happy kids who were eager to start the year with their fresh backpacks and their shiny new school supplies.  My daughter anxiously darted off to see her friends.  She had been counting down the days until she went back to school.  She could hardly sleep the night before because of her feelings of anticipation and excitement.

My angry 5-year-old, on the other hand, was not excited what so ever.  He walked through the school doors in dire need of an attitude adjustment. He scowled at everyone, and shot death stares at his perky classmates.

The first couple of mornings I basically drug him through the doors while he dug his heels in while I escorted him out to the playground.

He full on HATED kindergarten.  With a passion. 

I dreaded dropping him off every morning, and I expected the entire year to be a struggle.

However,  I started to notice a change in his attitude in the afternoons. Despite our long and draining mornings, he would hop in the car acting chipper.  He couldn’t wait to tell me about his new friends, and he loved going into detail about everything that he learned.

Now here we are about five months into the year, and he loves school.  He adores his amazing teacher.  He even told me that he HUGGED his pre-k teacher when he saw her in the hall one afternoon.  (This is the same teacher who we saw at Wal-Mart one time, and he shot her a nasty look, and he made a mad dash to hide behind the apples.)  The kid who started school an angry elf has transformed into a happy little guy who has gained confidence and has developed a complete love for learning.

When E started the year he knew around 10 letters.  So imagine my surprise when two months into the school year he proudly announced, “Guess what.  I can sound things out now.”

And sure enough he could.

We watched in complete shock as he sounded out a word in his reader.

My kindergartener, the one who despised school in the beginning, the kid who I had to BEG to get out of the car, could READ?!

Having two readers in the house has made things interesting.  No more spelling secrets to my husband in front of the kids, and no more skipping pages or making up plot lines in their night time stories.

Last week, E came home with a little reader and we took turns reading pages.

My page read, “Pop did not hit it.”


E went on to carefully sound out his page which said, “Pop did hit it.”


After he read his page, he looked up at me shocked and bewildered and said, “You lied to me. Pop DID hit it!!”

And my husband and I laughed and laughed at the misunderstanding.

Despite the fact that our school year had a rocky start, I am so proud at the progress my little angry elf has made.  I can’t believe we have another reader on our hands, and I have my fingers crossed that the rest of the year will be smooth sailing.




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