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I Can’t Even With This Cold Weather


Towards the end of summer, I was so over the heat.  I was ready to layer on the scarves, and I had added so many boots to my target shopping cart that my husband was having a panic attack.

However, now I fully regret wishing the warm weather away.  I’d happily hand over my cardigans in exchange for ONE day above 70 degrees.

You see, everyone in my house has officially gone stir crazy.  In the past three weeks my kids have had Christmas Break, two snow days, and MLK day.  This is practically the year of the Christmas Break that won’t end.  The Groundhog Day of Christmas Breaks, if you will.

And my children are officially losing their crap.

The cold weather has left us all stir crazy. I’ll bundle my kiddos up, match up all of the gloves, and scour the house for the hats.  However, despite the fact that they look like the kid from The Christmas Story, it’s always  juuuuust cold enough to prevent them from playing outside and being comfortable for more than three minutes at time at a time.

We have done all of the crafting.  We have watched all the asinine surprise egg videos.  We’ve done so much pretend play that none of us are quite sure who are anymore, and frankly there aren’t enough activities in the world to fill the 753 hours that are in a snow day.  Let’s face it, my house is no where near big enough for the WWE style wrestling that my children wish to partake in, and the walls are closing in.

Don’t get me wrong.  Typically we love hanging out and having fun.  However, days off in winter are a completely different ball game then the summer days.  When it is summer we are rarely home.  We take full advantage of the nice temps and we basically take up permanent residence at the zoo.  We spend a ton of time at the park, and we meet up with friends.

But winter is still upon us and cold temperatures have become our ball and chain.

So please.  For the love of everything.  Bring on the warmer weather.  I just can’t with these temperatures anymore.



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