Let’s Leave The Kid Out Of It


I knew that there would be polarizing emotions when Trump officially became the new President of the United States. I understood that on January 20th everyone in the country would feel an electric jolt of intense emotions. I fully expected protesting, and I understood that while some of the population would be rejoicing, the other half of the population would be struck with worry and fear.

However, what I never expected was for grown adults to pick on  a 10-year-old boy.

A little boy who did not ask for any of this.

A child, not much older than my own children, who was thrust into the public eye.

I’m sure we’ve all heard by now that on the day of Trump’s inauguration tweets went out cracking inappropriate and offensive jokes about Barron Trump. Memes were created about his “resting bitch face”.

And honestly, I’m shocked and embarrassed that grown adults would stoop this low.

Making jokes about a child, no matter what political party you stand with, is detestable.  People can loathe the new president, however that does not make it okay or any less distasteful to attack an innocent child.

Barron Trump did not choose his family.  I would highly doubt he had any say on being launched into the lime light.  Let’s not forget that he is an innocent little boy who we all watched sweetly play a game of peek-a- boo with his niece.  He’s a kid that, despite his circumstances, is no different than our own children who we love and adore.

So no matter what side of the fence you’re on about Trump, let’s leave his kid out of this.  He’s just a little boy, for crying out loud.

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