SOS! We Were Drowning In Junk


Our toy boxes were overflowing, my closet was overflowing, and basically my entire life was overflowing.

With what you ask?


And I now consider “junk” a four letter word.

In our house we didn’t have a junk drawer. We had an entire junk CABINET.  Beneath our junk cabinet was a drawer which was basically where our papers that were no longer important went to die.

Friends, I know this is a first world problem, but we were full on drowning in clutter.

I don’t know how it happened, but my house seemed to get jam packed with clutter all too quickly.  I would ditch a few things here and there, however it was only a matter of time before papers had stacked up, my children’s rooms were filled with half-broken mangled toys, and all of our closets were bursting at the seams.

About a month ago my husband and I were getting so frustrated by the mere fact that we had too much stuff.   I kept reading posts on Facebook about how important it was to become a minimalist.  I read article after article about ditching things that didn’t bring me joy.

Despite the fact that we had loads of clutter, quite frankly,  I knew that I was so not cut out for life as a minimalist.  However, I knew I could get behind the philosophy of having less junk.

So we decided the time had come to go through our house and ditch a bunch of our extra stuff that we had laying around taking up space.

I had bags and bags of baby clothing and toys stashed in my attic juuuuust in case we decided to have another baby.  That stuff had to go. 

I had clothing that my children had out grown still hanging in their closets. BUH-BYE.

I had decorations from our first tiny apartment cluttering up our garage.  See ya, suckers.

Y’all.  By the time I went through all of our stuff we had over 500 pieces of clothing ready to donate.


Taking up space in our attic, closets, and garage.

Did I lovingly caress each item to see if sparked joy in my soul?  Nope.  I grabbed junk by the handful, shoved it in a sack, and got that crap out of here.

The crazy thing is that we don’t miss one single thing.  My household is now much more manageable, and our life feels lighter.  Life with out being bogged down by extra knick knacks and junk is AMAZING, and it’s refreshing to finally catch our breaths after drowning in junk for far too long.




4 thoughts on “SOS! We Were Drowning In Junk

  1. Yes! I often get rid of things, but I’m in full on purge mode. We have so much stuff that we can’t keep track or care for it all. No where close to looking like we are hoarders, but still almost embarrassing by how I feel. I don’t what my kids to continue thinking that they just need more! Great post!!


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