Where Did My Babies Go?


A couple of days ago, I hopped on Facebook to kill a little time before picking my children up from school.  I scrolled through good ol’ Timehop and instantly my newsfeed was flooded with pictures of chubby faced toddlers.

mileyI was teleported back to a time when my now 7-year-old daughter had a baby face and bouncy curls.  Then I discovered pictures from the past of my husband and I doting on our fresh and squishy newborn who recently turned three.


How is it possible that my baby is three?  I blinked and my tiny little baby transformed into a little kid who spends his time doing “big boy” things like playing Ninja Turtles and attempting dangerous stunts on the jungle gym.

We no longer have a crib.  I haven’t bought diapers in 6 months and baby clothing has officially been ditched.

 Now I am left wondering where did my babies go?

This is an interesting new phase of life that I find myself in. We have transitioned into the land of big kids.  I would be lying if I said it wasn’t an easier phase in many ways.  (I actually get sleep these days!)  However, it is a little sad to think how quickly it all went by.  It seems like just yesterday I was struggling to keep up with toddlers and babies.

281721_573557500694_285075_nInstead of juggling chaos with a house full of babies, I now am crossing into tougher issues like slumber parties and parent teacher conferences.  We can officially leave the house with minimal meltdowns and without toting around a suitcase sized diaper bag.  I now have interesting conversations with my kids about topics that don’t have anything to do with poop or Paw Patrol.

Despite the fact that I love this “big kid” stage, I sometimes find myself worrying about the passage of time. If the precious baby stages of life flew by so quickly, how much faster will the next years go by?

Sadly, I know that the answer to that question is that time will go by too fast.  I suppose all we can do is hug our children closely and relish our times together.

I’ll be ready to take on the changes of life with boldness, and I’ll occasionally reflect on the days past with a quick scroll through good ol’ Timehop.



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