Powering Through The Groundhog Days Of Parenting


Today is Groundhog Day.  After so much chilly weather, I was full on hoping and praying that we would be seeing warmer days in our near future.  I am beyond ready for a sunny and warm afternoon here and there.

But alas, if our furry friend is in fact an accurate meteorologist, it looks like it isn’t time to pack those winter coats away just yet.

I know that today Bill Murray will be plastered on my TV staring in what has to be the Most. Frustrating. Movie. Ever.

Groundhog Day.

Despite the fact that I probably hate that movie more than any other movie on the planet, in some ways it is very relatable.  Being a mother of three can sometimes feel a lot like Groundhog Day.

I go through the same motions on repeat.  I make the same meals, I wipe the same butts, and I fold the same laundry. I read the same books, we go over the same Bible stories, I talk about developing the same essential character skills.   My children replay the same Christmas SpongeBob episode 85,000 times a day.

All of this monotony, mixed with an overdose of caffeine and sleep deprivation, can make parenting overwhelming.  It can be tricky to not get stuck in a rut.  It can be difficult to overcome the same routines, and sometimes I wonder if what I am doing is even important.

Are the lessons that I teach my children over and over going unnoticed?  Are the Bible stories that we talk about time and time again going to be remembered?   Will my kids take to heart all of my lessons on being kind to others when they are at school without me there to hold their hand along the way?

I contemplate these questions frequently.  And then I am subtly reminded that my children DO notice.  They do care.  I know that the Groundhog Days of motherhood have paid off when I receive a sweet note from my daughter’s teacher telling me that my daughter has matured into an amazing class leader.  I am reminded that my children are remembering my monotonous messages when my son stands up for a little boy being teased on the playground.

So yes, the repetitive scenes in the move Groundhog Day annoy me to no end, however, the Groundhog Days of parenting are the most important days of my life.


One thought on “Powering Through The Groundhog Days Of Parenting

  1. Yes! I just wrote a post today about being in a February Funk, but Groundhog’s Day is a great summary of how I feel. Doing the same mundane things over and over, yet I know one day I’ll be 65 years old and I’ll look back and miss these days of young motherhood.


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