Our Cat Is A Jerk


We welcomed a tiny fuzz ball of a kitten into our family about 9 months ago.  My husband named her Catalina. (Ahem Step Brothers, anyone?)

It was love at first sight with her, and my kids instantly became obsessed with all things kitten related.  We bought Catalina a cute little collar with a bell, and loaded our house up with other kitten essentials.  My children adored her, and they would argue over who got to feed her and whose turn it was to hold her.

Now I won’t say that Catalina was an overly friendly kitten to begin with.  She tolerated us.  However, I don’t think she ever truly enjoyed our presence.

Despite her nonchalant attitude, we spoiled her rotten.  Even our dog spoiled her.  If Catalina meowed for any reason at all, our dog would run over to her and make sure she was perfectly safe and well.

As our cat grew from being a tiny kitten into a teenager cat, we noticed that she had transformed into a full blown jerk.

Our tiny kitten went from being a sweet fluff ball who tolerated our presence into a teenage cat who thinks she is the one true ruler of our house.  I’m not saying she wants us all dead, because really, who would feed her?  But I’m pretty sure if we took a month long vacation she would be living her glory days.

Not only does she not have a fondness for people, Catalina is full of cruel pranks and mean antics.  She frequently hides behind the shower curtain in the bathroom waiting for her next victim.  When my children sit down to do their business she sticks her little cat arms out and swats at my kids’ feet. This obviously scared the living day lights out them the first couple of times, however now they fully expect this behavior from her.

20161003_124018Our jerk of a cat longs to be an outdoor cat.  She only wants to be outside.  She would rather spend her days climbing up on our roof lounging around than being warm and cozy with us in our house.

Catalina even somehow managed to take her cute little bell collar off and ditch it.  She went outside one afternoon wearing it, and came back home without it around her neck.  I think that was her way of making a bold statement that she does not want to be apart of the family. She would much rather be a feral cat than a measly house pet.

Despite the fact that I’m pretty sure our cat hates us, we still can’t help but love her.  If she does allow us to pet her for 2.5 seconds we are thrilled.  We keep talking about adopting a nice cat someday, but for now we are adoring our wanna be feral cat.


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