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A Cold Ninja Kicked Me In The Pants


Our colds snuck in quietly and started out as innocent (yet annoying) night coughs. However, the coughs quickly transformed into head colds that were sent straight up from the underworld.

My eyes were watery, my nose was stuffy, and I sneezed every 35 seconds.  I almost wondered if I was having an allergy attack, that is until my body felt like I lost a fight with Ronda Rousey.

A funny thing happens when everyone in my house has a cold.  My standards get thrown completely out the window.  No cares are given about anything. 

Mismatched clothes?  WHO CARES.

Dog sleeping on the stacked up laundry?  GO FOR IT.

You want Little Caesar’s for dinner?  AT YOUR SERVICE.

Because of my sickness and thus my low standards, my entire house went to crap.  I was already behind on laundry when my cold turned me into a zombie.  The already large laundry piles quickly began to quadruple into Everest sized stacks. Quite frankly, laundry was the least of my cares when I could only successfully breath through one nostril.

While we were sick we used paper plates approximately one hundred percent of the time. #sorrynotsorry. Mama wasn’t doing dishes.  Not that time.  I was too busy dizzily napping off my head cold to worry about that nonsense.

In fact, we took naps at every corner.  Our schedule was on repeat and looked like this:  wake up, drink water, eat breakfast, drink water, nap, drink water, nap, more water, followed by nap-nap-nappity.  (Actually, I’d be lying if I said the nap part wasn’t glorious.)

While we were down and out, games were played but rules were not followed. I no longer cared if my toddler picked up the wrong color acorn with his Sneaky Squirrel.  Oh, did you land on a slide during Chutes and Ladders?  Didn’t see it. Everyone was a winner at every game.  I handed out participation trophies like a boss. 

Luckily, we’ve all fully recovered and I spent yesterday afternoon marking things off my ever expanding To-Do List.  I’m ready to pack up the Kleenex, and I have my fingers crossed that sickness is long gone.

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