Mom Karma And Pink Eye


Remember when I wrote about how glad I was to finally no longer be sickHow cute.

Just when I thought our sickness had left the building, it came back with a  vengeance.  About a week ago my throat started to hurt, I felt kinda weird all over, and then the next morning I woke up with…


A grown adult.

With double pink eye.

I don’t know how I got it or why it chose me, but it happened.

The ironic thing was  just weeks before my friend and I had been joking about double pink eye.  We belly laughed until our stomachs hurt saying how the next time we had an awkward event that we wanted to avoid, we’d simply say we had suddenly come down with double pink eye. My exact sarcastic joking words were, “Sorry.  I can’t come.  I’m basically a walking case of pink eye.”

We cracked up about our hilarious excuse because, let’s face it, pink eye is weird. And gross. Weird + Gross = The perfect reason to miss anything.

NO ONE wants anything to do with anyone who has double pink eye.

So imagine my surprise when I had to text that very same friend that I had joked with weeks before informing her that I would be missing her son and her husband’s birthday parties because I actually did in fact have DOUBLE PINK EYE.

Uh huh. Suuuuure ya did.

Classic case of mom Karma.

Anyway, not only did I miss the party,  I missed head shots for Oklahoma City Moms Blog, a Girl Scout cookie booth, a zoo trip with a mom that I had never had a playdate with before ( I promise it’s not you, it’s me!), and church.

Oh. And the birth of my niece.

I missed the BIRTH of a BABY, for crying out loud.

Basically the busiest weekend of my life double pink eye plagued my sole.  #FOMO

The one silver lining (or should I say pink lining?) of the whole situation was that no one after me got it. Luckily, thanks to a lot disinfectant and hand washing, the pinkness stopped with me.

And I hope it stays far, far away.


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