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Home Renovations From…


When we bought our house we had big plans for this place.  The house wasn’t super dated, but we definitely wanted to spruce the place up a bit.  So the day after we closed, we immediately went to work and began to paint every inch of this place.

It was an undertaking of the century.  We painted all the trim, the fireplace, and every single room in the house from top to bottom. (Have you ever painted a ceiling? It’s really cruel and unusual punishment.)  We painted all of the doors, and then we went on to paint the outside shutters.

And then we stopped. Because the painting broke us, y’all. 

It broke our home renovating spirit.  Chip and Joanna would be ashamed.

We were so burnt out that we didn’t want to EVER paint again.  Fast forward 18 months, and we had forgotten the pains of our labor and we started to get the home renovation itch again.

So we went for it.

We ordered all new doors and tile. We naively believed that this project would take a week – maaaaaybe two.

First we decided to install the new doors.  We tore all of our old ugly doors out and like all true professionals, we began to watch YouTube videos on how to install the new ones.

Privacy is overrated.

Once all of the kids’ bedroom doors and closets were installed, we went to install the door to our master bedroom and realized it was no where to be found. I called Lowes and the delivery guy said something a long the lines of, “Oh. Well didn’t you know that door was special order?”

Um. No. No I didn’t.

So here we are doorless in our bedroom. We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our special order master bedroom door.

The missing door isn’t the only privacy issue in this place.  We also have huge gaps around each door where the trim will be installed.  You can basically peer right into any room, even if the door is closed.

I asked my husband what we are going to do about the no privacy in the bathroom situation if we have friends over before our renovations are done. He answered with, “Well. I guess we’re all going to have to have a little trust.”  Truth.

Anyway, now that the doors are all half way installed, we decided to go ahead with the new

This is what the tile looked like after I beat the heck out of it with a sledgehammer.  Not impressive.

tile. I told my husband I would tear the old floors up while he was at work so he could lay the tile when he got home.

Ha. Hahahaha. Let’s all take a moment to laugh about this for a second.

The tile in our last house was apparently haphazardly installed because those puppies pried right up.  However, at this house I believe the tiles were installed by someone who had super human gluing powers because they are STUCK.

I beat them with a sledge hammer, and I barely made a dent.  My husband has made three different trips to three different hardware stores trying to find something powerful enough to break them.

Our kitchen progress

Here we are approaching week two and we are slowly chiseling away at the tile in our kitchen.  We’re making progress.  It’s dusty.  It’s messy. But I don’t care because it’s progress.

So if you happen to come over to visit while our house looks like it’s being torn apart brick-by-brick, be sure you’re prepared to look past the dust and chaos. But more importantly make sure you bring with you a whole lot of trust.

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