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Konnect Kids – The Best YouTube Videos EVER


My children, like almost all children in the good ol’ US of A, love scrolling through Netflix and watching their favorite shows.

However, it took me all of about 5 seconds to realize that 90 percent of the shows had a common theme:  They all are filled with junk.

Brain rotting junk. (Uncle Grandpa, anyone?!)

Each cartoon that’s geared towards children ages five to nine seem to have a competition going to see how many times they can cram the word “butt” into a 25 minute long program.

And guys.  I’m sick of it.  I’m so sick of it.

One afternoon while scouring the internet for better content, I happened to stumbled upon Life.Church Kids’ YouTube videos.  Now we don’t attend a Life.Church, and I’m not suggesting these YouTube videos should replace Bible studies or church.  (Obviously. Insert eye roll emoji here that I even need to clarify that I’m not suggesting that.) However for us, these LifeChurch videos were a screen time game changer.

Now instead of watching pure junk my kids spend their screen time watching something that reinforces Biblical values.  These videos are filled with messages that my children take to heart, and their lessons can easily be applied to my kids’ every day lives.

My older children love the Konnect Kids episodes, which are A M A Z I N G.  The content holds their attention, and guys,  my kid’s learn SO much from them.

The short twenty minute videos delve into the deep issues like sin and grace.  Because of the deeper topics that are presented, Konnect Kids has opened up so many age appropriate conversations.  My children almost always have a spiritual lightbulb moment after watching them.

Konnect Kids also helps so much with Bible verse memorization.  Each episode presents a new verse for the children to memorize.  They help the kids memorize the verse in a fun way by introducing it with a catchy little saying and hand motions.  (Side note: I want to send Life.Church a personal thank you note for teaching my children Philippians 2:14.)

I am so glad that when my children sit down to watch a show here and there they are no longer watching shows that are filled with inappropriate messages.  Instead, my kids are now watching content that reinforces and helps instill Biblical values.

So if you’re like me and can’t stand to watch one more egg video or if you’re tired of hearing potty words blasted from your television screen,  head on over to trusty old YouTube and check them out.  We’ve never looked back!


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