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A Cold Ninja Kicked Me In The Pants

Our colds snuck in quietly and started out as innocent (yet annoying) night coughs. However, the coughs quickly transformed into head colds that were sent straight up from the underworld. My eyes were watery, my nose was stuffy, and I sneezed every 35 seconds.  I almost wondered if I was having an allergy attack, that is until my body felt like I… Continue reading A Cold Ninja Kicked Me In The Pants


SOS! We Were Drowning In Junk

Our toy boxes were overflowing, my closet was overflowing, and basically my entire life was overflowing. With what you ask? JUNK. And I now consider “junk” a four letter word. In our house we didn’t have a junk drawer. We had an entire junk CABINET.  Beneath our junk cabinet was a drawer which was basically where our papers that were no longer important went to die. Friends, I know… Continue reading SOS! We Were Drowning In Junk


Let’s Leave The Kid Out Of It

I knew that there would be polarizing emotions when Trump officially became the new President of the United States. I understood that on January 20th everyone in the country would feel an electric jolt of intense emotions. I fully expected protesting, and I understood that while some of the population would be rejoicing, the other half of the population would be struck with worry and fear. However, what I… Continue reading Let’s Leave The Kid Out Of It